Current Interns


Peyton Miller

Current Position: Sales Intern at OpenSesame
Education: Economics at Creighton University

"My experiences this summer at OpenSesame and PTIX have been fantastic opportunities for professional development. At OpenSesame, I’ve worked on month-long self-led projects, moderated a panel with members of our leadership team, and more. PTIX has given me the opportunity to connect with current interns, former interns, and CEOs at other Portland tech companies, making a career in tech in Portland much more accessible.”


Alejandro Meillon

Current Position: Design Intern at Jama Software
Education: Merchandising Management at Oregon State University

"I'm lucky enough to be completing my second internship at a Portland tech company. I love how Jama prioritizes innovation and cares about my quality of life . Overall, I am happy with my summer internship. My design work is challenging; it is helping me grow my skill set and bolster my design portfolio."


Elle Giovanni

Current Position: Curation Intern at OpenSesame
Education: Psychology at USC

"My time as an intern at OpenSesame and attending PTIX events has helped me develop and expand my professional skills. My experiences this summer have opened my eyes to the importance of networking and forming valuable professional connections. They have given me real world insight into a professional career within the tech industry and the job market as a whole. Listening to firsthand experiences and stories from recruiters, former interns, and CEOs has driven me to work even harder toward my own success. I know that I am leaving this summer a more inspired, well-rounded, and motivated individual thanks to the OpenSesame culture and the eye-opening PTIX events."


Former Interns

Paige Kracke    Content Specialist at Opensesame. Paige went to school at Tufts University for Economics and Studio Arts. After completing her Marketing Internship at Opensesame, she later came back as a Content Specialist. .

Paige Kracke

Current Position: Curation Team Lead at OpenSesame
Former Position: Marketing Intern at OpenSesame
Education: Economics and Studio Arts at Tufts University

"The most valuable lesson I gained from my internship experience was to meet and stay connected with everyone. My advice to incoming interns is to be flexible, whether it is taking a project outside your comfort zone, or talking to someone new."


Lauren Clubb

Current Position: Graphic Designer at Nike
Former Position: Marketing Design Intern at Puppet
Education: Graphic Design at Full Sail University

"PTIX is more than just a group of students getting together. It is a wonderful support group and a valuable network. My favorite part of PTIX was getting to meet people who are in the same stage of life as I am."


Tyler Wildeck

Current Position: Digital Account Manager at The Dyrt
Former Position: Marketing Intern at OpenSesame
Education: English at Azusa Pacific University

"My experience at OpenSesame allowed me to see the different sides of a startup, which taught me how to interface with different departments and different people who share similar goals."


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