Regardless of how long you have been focused on diversity and inclusion, you may become overwhelmed.

The tips we provide aren’t silver bullets, but they are tangible actions you can take without significant hardship creating appreciable & fairly quick impact. 


January 2016: Diversity is good for business and you should be focused on it yesterday

The conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion in the tech sector is heating up, but too often the impacts of inclusion on business success are left out of the picture. Equity initiatives build a better world and are simply good business. Need convincing? Several studies show the impact diversity can have on employees and your bottom line:

We have yet to meet a leadership team or a CEO who is opposed to diversity, and yet the diversity numbers of our industry are not changing as rapidly as we’d like. Why not? We think it is because most leaders are not making it a top priority with measurable objectives. Does your organization have KPIs tied to diversifying your workforce and making it more inclusive? 

We know running a tech startup is hard work, and you have a ton of things to focus on right now. The business of growing an inclusive and diverse team deserves to be one of those top priorities. If you don’t get started while your company is small and still forming its culture, you will find yourself flat-footed in a competitive market for talent and innovation and forced to play an expensive and time-consuming game of catch-up. 

The good news is if you aren’t already, now is the best time to begin focusing on diversity and inclusion. When companies make diversity and inclusion a priority, it pays off in myriad ways. Companies that reflect these initiatives, particularly at the executive level, are more likely to foster diversity of thought that leads to innovation. And ultimately, innovation leads to success.