Tip of the month


Generally speaking, inputs have the most impact on outcomes. When it comes to hiring, a critical input is who is making the hiring decisions. Companies of all sizes can ensure that hiring managers and interview panel participants are aware of your diversity and inclusion goals. If you expect to see tangible steps in the short to mid-term, then alignment between your diversity and inclusion goals and those making workforce decisions is necessary. 

One step is to have diversity present in your hiring process. Put more bluntly, if you want more women and more people from communities of color to be part of your organization, make sure people from these populations are part of the hiring process and/or sitting on the interview panel. They will give you a broader perspective on candidates and protect a candidate from one of these populations from feeling like a lone wolf in your organization. For employee candidates an interview panel is often the first physical representation they will see of your organization. If diversity and inclusion are important, make sure your future workforce sees it from the start. 

Regardless of how long you have been focused on diversity and inclusion, you may become overwhelmed. The tips we provide aren’t silver bullets, but they are tangible actions you can take without significant hardship for appreciable, fairly quick impact.